Talking positively about our school is a great way to promote our school and encourage families to look through. If you know of any families with preschool children encourage them to ring the school (Phone 54463722) and have a look through.

People who have looked through are certainly impressed with our small teaching groups for literacy and numeracy. I think our school offers students exceptional teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy with small numbers of students. If you have a child starting school next year please see Sue in the office for an enrolment form.


"Amazing Science Activities" LaTrobe Uni Excursion

As part of the Career Education project, Grade 6 students have been invited to visit LaTrobe University on Wednesday June 24th to attend a science workshop called "Amazing Science Activities". Students will be picked up by bus from school at 9:00am and will attend the science workshops until 1:30pm. They will then catch a bus back to school, returning by 2:00pm. 

Please return the permission form as soon as possible.

School Council Elections

We are excited to announce that this year we have  4  nominations  for  School  Council  so there will be an elections process. The four nominations are as follows

  • Karen McNaughton
  • Jason Remnant
  • Lauren George
  • Chris Marsh

Ballot papers will be sent home early next week.
For the parent category of School Council we have  3  vacant  positions.  We  have been advised  by  DET  that  2  of  the  positions  will  be part of the election process and the third position, a casual vacancy created by the resignation  of  a  council  member  at  the  start  of  the 2014 year, will be filled by School Council co-opting  a  parent  to  the  position. This  will  happen  at  the  first  meeting  of  the  new  School Council. As such parents need to choose from the 4 people on the ballot paper. You need to place a mark against the 2 people you wish to fill the 2 vacancies up for election.

Candidates please note that no campaign literature can be posted in the school. Candidates 
have been asked to prepare a brief statement of  why  they  wish  to  be  on  School  Council 
which will be distributed with the ballot papers.

Can I encourage all parents to please vote.

This is a great way you can have a say in the future direction of the school.