Eaglehawk Primary School is situated in the main business district of Eaglehawk and is part of the City of Greater Bendigo. The current enrolment is 133 students. The school has a proud heritage, making a strong contribution to education for 150 years. Our school is committed to providing a safe, supportive learning environment to ensure all students reach their full potential, and is committed to improving student learning outcomes. With a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, smaller class sizes between 12 - 21 optimise student-learning opportunities. As a 'Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden' School for over 10 years, there is a specialist kitchen and established edible garden with all grades participating in weekly garden classes. Other specialist programs include Reading Recovery, Art, Music, Choir and LOTE. Grade 6 students participate in the region's 'Passions and Pathways' Program - a partnership with local business and industries.  

High expectations around work and behaviour are part of the school culture. Calmer Classrooms is used throughout the school to ensure all children are engaged and experience success in all aspects of the day. The school works hard to build and maintain relationships with families to support every students' education.

A significant renovation to the main building over the last few years has created modern, flexible teaching and learning spaces. The school has commenced a further refurbishment that will see the development of the grounds (including an undercover multipurpose court area, a running track and new playground equipment) and the corner building fondly known as 'The Church' used as our multipurpose room.

Our school vision: To provide a caring, supportive learning environment, which prepares all students to reach their full potential, continue learning and make positive contributions to the community.

The following Values are a part of all attitudes, behaviours and learning at Eaglehawk Primary School. Caring, Community, Honesty, Learning and Respect.

Calmer Classrooms

We use calmer classroom strategies to dynamically ensure that all children participate in all aspects of the teaching and learning program.  Inclusive education is a major focus of our day helping all children achieve to the best of their potential.  Calmer classroom strategies are used daily to:

  • Bring children experiencing difficulty closer to the teacher

  • Deescalate situations through the teacher keeping calm and talking down the situation

  • Welcome students and start the new day afresh

  • Set clear expectations in work and play

  • Treat all children with respect

  • Set children up for success to enable them to succeed in all play and learning situations

  • Build relationships of trust with children