Eaglehawk Primary School began its long history in 1854 in the form of a tent on the goldfields. This was blown down in a violent storm in 1855 and the school was moved to Graby's Camp Hotel for two weeks until it returned once again in what had been the resident teacher's tent.

A wooden schoolroom was built in 1856 on the site of the current school. A brick addition was made in 1866. It was recognized as a State School in 1873 and a new school was built in 1874 to cater for the 1,000 students. The left wing of the present building was built in 1884. The centre two storey, bell tower and right wing were added in 1886.

The school also had a teacher's residence originally called "TILLMOUTH", which still stands directly opposite the front entrance at 56 Church Street. It became a private residence many years ago. The school has undergone many changes in its long history.

A newer block that houses the art room,  our beautiful Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden "Children's kitchen" was added in 1976 .

In the mid 80's the old Methodist Church at the front of the site was added to the school property.

It is still known affectionately as "The church" and is used on Friday afternoons for our assemblies, for performances and for PE on wet days.