Eaglehawk Primary is extremely proud of our Kitchen and Garden program.  This is part of the Stephanie Alexander Program which this school has been a part of since 2007.  We are one of the original pilot schools for this wonderful program that sees our grade 3 4 5 and 6's cultivating and tending their own organic vegetable garden and a cooking session every week of the year.

Our state of the art kitchen is the result of many hours of volunteer labour, money from the SA foundation and also from our school and community.

We are very proud of our kitchen and the high quality meals that are produced by our students.

Helen is our Kitchen technician and she leads the classes as they participate in weekly cooking sessions using the produce that is harvested from the garden.

We have a number of volunteers who help out with the classes.  These include  parents, community volunteers and past teachers. We are always looking for more helpers to assist the  cooking classes that we have each week.