Grade 6 Passions and Pathways Program

In term three, Eaglehawk Primary School Grade 6 students participated in the Passions and Pathways Project as part of Integrated Studies. Students attended LaTrobe University, Bendigo TAFE, the Trade Training Centre and industries including Bunnings Warehouse Epsom, Dennis Family Homes, Bendigo CFA, Bendigo Tourism and Botanic Gardens White Hills. Students had a choice to choose from three projects:

  • Hair and Beauty at Jools for Jim where students learnt about social skills that are vital for working in the industry as well as practical skills such as washing, drying, straightening, curling hair and applying makeup.
  •  Design and Construction at Penno's Design and Drafting and Bendigo Tafe where students learnt how to design houses using Computer Aided Devices and how to use building tools to create a device holder.   
  • Medical Mysteries at Monash School of Rural Health where students learnt about germs as well as human bones.

Students concluded their Passions and Pathways experience with an Expo where the other three schools as well as Eaglehawk PS students showcased their learning to the Bendigo businesses involved and the Passions and Pathways stakeholders.


YMCA After School Care

Welcome to St. Liborius After School Care! Our ASC program is ran by the Bendigo Regional YMCA at St. Liborius Primary School, who provide an engaging program to children from St. Liborius, Eaglehawk Primary and Kaliana. Our friendly educators, Alex and Kellie, collect children from Eaglehawk Primary School each afternoon to walk them back to After School Care.

Each afternoon at After School Care, children participate in a variety of fun and educational activities based on their interests such as craft, sport, games, science and cooking. We promote and encourage all children to be independent, to problem-solve, learn new skills and try new things. We believe that all children should feel safe and happy at After School Care.


Each night at After School Care, children are provided with a healthy nutritious snack to ensure that they have energy to have fun and keep on learning throughout the afternoon.


St Liborius After School Care operates from 3.30pm – 6pm on school days, and 8am – 6pm on pupil free days. The program takes place in the Mackillop Room.


To enrol or make a booking, head to or contact our office on 5444 6666 for more information.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program -Bendigo Show 2016

This year as part of the Stephanie Alexander Garden Program, Eaglehawk Primary School entered in Bendigo Show ‘Garden Wheelbarrow’ and ‘Basket of Produce’ sections. Each class chose a theme, created a poster and entered a wheelbarrow garden around their theme.

4/5/6 Mrs Kingdon’s class was Chickens’

4/5/6 Mr Barri's was Jungle Hide Out

3/4 Kim’s was Thunderstorms

P/1/2 Tammi and Dave was Bees need flowers

Mrs Kingdon's class won 1st prize and Mr Barri's 3rd. Our basket of produce also won 1st prize.

You can see our posters and sashes in the foyer. A very special thanks to our garden teacher Shae for organising and entering our wheelbarrows.

thunderstorms wheelbarrow (3/4 Kim)

thunderstorms wheelbarrow (3/4 Kim)

Chickens'  wheelbarrow (4/5/6 kingdon)

Chickens'  wheelbarrow (4/5/6 kingdon)

jungle hide out wheelbarrow  (4/5/6 barri)

jungle hide out wheelbarrow  (4/5/6 barri)

Grade 6 Passion and Pathways 2016

Eaglehawk Primary School Grade 6 students are involved in a program called Passions and Pathways (Careers). The program runs over about 14 weeks (part of term 2 and all of term 3). It aims to create an awareness of the range of jobs that are available to students and the different pathways you may take. The program relies on the generous time of businesses and industries to release employees to talk to and work with our students. 


Talking positively about our school is a great way to promote our school and encourage families to look through. If you know of any families with preschool children encourage them to ring the school (Phone 54463722) and have a look through.

People who have looked through are certainly impressed with our small teaching groups for literacy and numeracy. I think our school offers students exceptional teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy with small numbers of students. If you have a child starting school next year please see Sue in the office for an enrolment form.