Eaglehawk Primary School is located in the main business district of Eaglehawk and has an enrolment of 130 students. The school has worked hard over the years to improve Literacy and Numeracy data, enjoying significant success in this area throughout the school.

A well structured staff coaching program has been central to building staff capacity. A significant renovation of the main building over the last few years has created dynamic open teaching spaces that support teachers to work in powerful staff learning teams. The school is about to commence a further refurbishment program that will see significant development of the grounds, the school hall and other finishing touches to the teaching and learning spaces.

A range of key programs operate throughout the school with all staff teaching Literacy and Numeracy ensuring small work groups that significantly grow student learning outcomes. Specialist programs operating in the school include Reading Recovery, Physical Education and Art. Eaglehawk is a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School with all students across the school involved in the gardening program and the students in grades 3 to 6 involved in the cooking program.

The school has an SFO of .846 and works hard to support families to enable their children to fully participate in all aspects of the school program. The Calmer Classrooms Program is used throughout the school ensuring all children can engage and succeed in all aspects of the school day.

Calmer Classrooms

We use calmer classroom strategies to dynamically ensure that all children participate in all aspects of the teaching and learning program.  Inclusive education is a major focus of our day helping all children achieve to the best of their potential.  Calmer classroom strategies are used daily to:

  • Bring children experiencing difficulty closer to the teacher

  • Deescalate situations through the teacher keeping calm and talking down the situation

  • Welcome studentsandstart the new day afresh

  • Set clear expectations in work and play

  • Treat all children with respect

  • Set children up for success to enable them to succeed in all play and learning situations

  • Build relationships of trust with children