Literacy is a main focus of teach and learning program at Eaglehawk Primary School. A 2 hour literacy block operates daily across the school and all members of staff teach literacy.

Balanced Literacy is a feature of our program with children participating daily in:-

  • shared reading
  • guided reading
  • independent reading
  • sharing circle
  • modelled interactive writing
  • independent writing
  • guided writing

We are proud of the significant improvement of our literacy data across the school.


Maths has been a key school improvement focus over the last 2 years where staff has worked as a learning team to improve data.  A 1 hour daily numeracy block operates across the school with all staff teaching mathematics.

Daily sessions involve whole group explicit teaching of a particular math concept / strategy, small group daily focussed teaching and independent student application of the concept / strategy.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an intervention program offered to ‘at risk’ literacy learners in their grade 1 year.  Children are provided with 1 on 1 individual instruction for a half hour each day for a maximum of 20 weeks.

Children leave the program able to read and write at the average of their class peers.  Reading Recovery accelerates the progress of students who participate in the program to allow them to rapidly catch up to their class peers.

Eaglehawk Primary School is proud to ensure that all children who need Reading Recovery are offered a program each year.


Art is a specialist area offered at Eaglehawk Primary School.   Children explore a range of mediums and skills in a fun and creative way; making use of our wonderful specialist art setting.

Children’s artwork is displayed around the art room and around the school.


The LOTE offered at Eaglehawk Primary School is Indonesian. All students from prep to Grade 3 participate in Indonesian lessons aimed at developing a basic vocabulary to engage in every day conversations. Cultural aspects of Indonesia are also covered.


Students from prep to grade 6 participate in the music program where they have the opportunity to sing, dance, play instruments and listen to music.  They explore the elements of beat, rhythm, tempo and pitch.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden

Eaglehawk Primary School is proud to be a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden School.  All children across the school participate in weekly gardening sessions.  Our dynamic garden is a feature of the neighbourhood with every scrap of land used to its full potential, including the verge.

 A wonderful band of volunteers work to ensure our garden is able to supply a fantastic amount of produce for the kitchen.

Children ingrade 3 and 4 participate in the cooking program each week withgrades 5 and 6 participating in 4 cooking sessions throughout the year.

Produce harvested from the garden is prepared and cooked in the kitchen and then shared in a meal by the students and staff.  Eaglehawk Primary School regularly welcomes visitor to our kitchen garden program.




Eaglehawk Primary School is extremely proud of its school choir comprising students from grades 3 – 6. Children can choose to be involved in the choir which is under the leadership of Albert Skipper (Skip), a local Bendigo identity.

The choir performs regularly both at the school and at community events.  Our most recent performances were at the Eaglehawk Carols by Candlelight at Canterbury Park, and a flash mob at the Eaglehawk IGA.

Physical Education


 All students at Eaglehawk Primary School participate in two hours of Physical Education (P.E.) and Sport per week. The P.E. program provides students with opportunities to be physically active, develop fundamental motor and movement skills and apply these skills into structured games. They further participate in an intensive Eaglehawk YMCA Swimming Program,  Jet’s Gymnastic program, and units covering Athletics and Fitness.

The Sport program begins in Prep with the Perceptual Motor Program (P.M.P) focusing on the development of cognitive, social and gross motor skills. Grade 1 and 2 students participate in a ‘Sport Skills’ program which is based on a weekly rotational system with students in multi-grade groups. Grade 3 and 4 students further develop their game sense, teamwork and explore roles including umpiring and scoring.

Students in Grade 4-6 compete against other schools in the district in a range of sports throughout the year including a District Cross Country Carnival. Individuals are also given the opportunity to participate in the Hoop Time basketball competition, Interschool Football Carnival and in the Interschool Netball Tournament. They can also be selected in the school Athletics team

The overall focus of the P.E. and Sport program is to provide children with opportunities for success, build confidence to be physically active, learn the importance of good sportsmanship and the value of being a team player. Most importantly it is to have fun and enjoy being active.

Eaglehawk Primary School students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of engaging sporting and campus clinics, which have been taken, by experienced athletes. Some of these have included Basketball clinics taken by Bendigo Brave’s players, AFL footy clinic, Hockey Victoria clinics, Athletics’ clinic and a Squash Victoria program.


Eaglehawk Primary School has a progressive camping policy. These include:

  • Prep – Dinner at school.
  • Grade 1/2 – 1 night sleepover at school.
  • Grade 3/4 – 1 night away at a destination approximately 1 hour from Bendigo.
  • Grade 5/6 – 2 nights away at a destination approximately 2 hours from Bendigo.

Our Grade 5/6 camps have alternated between Urban camp Melbourne and a Beach Camp at Anglesea in the last two years.


Eaglehawk Primary School offers Prep to Grade 6 students at least one major excursion, a minor excursion and a range of local excursions and incursions a year.

(A previous major excursion included Grade 3-6 students attending the musical ‘Wicked’ at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne.)

All of Eaglehawk Primary Schools camps and excursions are integrated with the VIC curriculum relating to student’s Personal Learning, Interpersonal Learning and Humanities.