Remote Learning

There is much speculation around the return to school. We don’t know any more than you, and we will keep you posted with updates as they come through. However it looks like Victorian schools will continue to work remotely remain for some time so we will continue to do the best we can.

Thank you to all the families who responded to our survey last week via Facebook. The feedback provided us with information on how we can better support you and your children. The results were shared with staff during the week. They really valued the positive responses and it certainly gave them the motivation and passion to continue to go above and beyond. Staff also acknowledged that students were adapting and managing so well because of the wonderful work families were doing. We know that you have many roles and have now taken on the role of home educator. So THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!

Clearly, families value the interaction with staff whether it be by phone, email, pack instructions or the Facebook teaching videos, so we will continue all of these.