2021 Booklists

2021 Booklist Prep/1/2 

Prep Stationary/Book Pack Attatchment

Grade1/2 Stationary/Book Pack Attachment


2021 Booklist Year 3/4

Grade 3/4 Stationary/ Book Pack Attachment


2021 Booklist Year 5/6

Grade 5/6 Stationary/Book Pack Attachment



Enrolment Requirements:

Parents/guardians enrolling a child in a Primary School are required to provide the following:

  1. Fully completed school enrolment form
  2. Copy of the child’s Birth Certificate
  3. The child’s School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate

Every child requires this Immunisation Certificate, regardless of whether the child has been immunised or not. This can be obtained from your MYGOV account.

It is essential that parents keep the school informed of any relevant changes to their personal details. Emergencies do occur, and hence there is a need to contact parents. Important items such as change of address, telephone number, guardianship, doctor, emergency contact phone number etc, are most important to the welfare of your child.

Enrolment Form


2022 Transition Program for Preps beginning school in 2023