Mathematics at Eaglehawk Primary School provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that help them to:

  • develop and engage their mathematical thinking
  • solve problems and demonstrate their understanding by applying strategies in familiar and unfamiliar situations
  • recognise the relevance of their experiences and use what they are learning outside the classroom.
Mathematics learning includes the understanding of our number system, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. Our aim is for students to be confident and fluent, and have a range of problem solving strategies to explore, explain, reason and apply their learning and knowledge to unfamiliar tasks.

Teachers help and support students to:
  • learn mathematical vocabulary and the related symbols (= equals, the same as, equivalent)
  • engage with, explore and make connections between their mathematical knowledge, skills and understandings with the world around them
  • understand and engage, by connecting concepts, and building students’ confidence as mathematics learners and thinkers.
A minimum of 6 hours of mathematics learning occurs weekly with at least 1 hour daily in every classroom.