Physical Education

The Physical Education includes fitness, ball skills (bouncing, kicking, hitting, throwing and catching), athletics, gymnastics, swimming and sports. The aim of these lessons is to develop fitness, skills, teamwork and promote a positive attitude toward physical activity.

In the early years, students participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Students participate in a range of different tasks to improve eye tracking, balance, hand/eye/foot coordination, fitness and movement. The aim is to improve students’ confidence to try activities and movements that they may not otherwise undertake.

In the middle and senior years, lessons build on the fundamental motor skills acquired in the early years. The students participate in various sports such as basketball, football, netball, cricket, tennis, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, dodgeball etc.

Eaglehawk Primary School participates in a range of district sports and events during the school year, competing against other local schools in Bendigo. These include Cross Country, Athletics, Basketball and Netball.

Swimming Program
In November/December each year, Eaglehawk Primary School participates in an extensive swimming program at the Eaglehawk Peter Krenz Leisure Centre indoor pool with qualified YMCA aquatic educators. The program caters for students who have little or no swimming skills to students who are extremely confident around water.

Gymnastic Program

The whole school participates in a 5 week gymnastics program, at Jet’s Gym. The aim of the program is for students to participate and enjoy the physical benefits of improved core body strength, spatial awareness, body coordination and the psychological benefits of improved concentration, confidence, and self-esteem.


The Middle and Senior Primary years complete a comprehensive athletics program. A whole school Athletics day is held at Eaglehawk Primary School with those that qualify having the opportunity to compete in the district athletic sports.