Performing Arts

Eaglehawk Primary School’s Performing Arts Program aims to actively involve every student in a wide range of experiences to develop skills, creativity, confidence, resilience and social awareness.

From Foundation to Year Two, the focus is on music and drama. Early music skills are developed through listening, singing, moving, playing percussion instruments, reading simple scores and creating sounds and movements. The program uses a combination of the Kodaly and Orff approaches to teaching music.

Early drama skills are developed through play, story retells and simple drama games.

In Years Three to Six, the focus expands. Students use a wider variety of instruments, such as recorders, ukuleles, guitars, keyboards and marimbas in the investigation, performance and creation of music.

They explore a more formal program of dance, involving creative and choreographed dance routines.

Students develop more specific drama techniques through mime, puppetry, skits and plays.

Interested students are offered the opportunity to participate in the school choir. The choir rehearses weekly to improve the student’s choral singing skills and develop a repertoire of songs.

Students are also offered the chance to participate in the school’s “Odd Socks” circus program. They learn a variety of circus skills, such as spinning plates, juggling, poi, stilts, unicycle, diablo and devil sticks, as well as general performance skills. The program works in an engaging way to bring all the elements of the performing arts program together.

Throughout the year every student has the opportunity to perform individually, in small groups and as a whole class. Students look forward to the chance to perform within their own classes, at assemblies, the end of year concert and other special events.